Garden Lights

If you have spent time and money creating a garden you’re proud of, why not make your creation even more amazing at night with a range of decorative LED garden lights? The range of garden lights available from Veti are built to the quality standards the Veti brand has become synonymous with and will create a magical, illuminated landscape for your home or business.

What’s more, LED lights allow you to choose the illumination required for gardens, footpaths, entrances, driveways and show-pieces that define your personal space without worrying about costs. This is because LEDs consume far less power than traditional lights, saving money on maintenance and buying new bulbs, as well as electricity costs.

The LED garden lights offer low-glare fixed optics and illuminate their surroundings with cool white light. The lenses are built on top of bollards (short poles) of various heights, from 30cm through to 100 cm. The casings and bollards are made of durable aluminium while the impact resistant lenses are frosted acrylic or crystal.

All Veti LED garden lights are rated IP65, which means they are safe from the ingress of dust and water from hose pipes or sprinklers. The bollards are also sealed from the elements and Veti has included tamper-proof screws in the housing to ensure the lights are vandal proof. At the same time, easy access is provided to the LEDs and the LED drivers, which are concealed in the casing.

Designed and built to Veti’s high quality standards, the LED garden lights will turn an award-wining garden into a triumphant statement of style, elegance and panache.

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